Paving Material Suppliers in Fredonia, AZ

Crush It Company is a leader among paving material suppliers, particularly for sand and gravel. We crush and supply paver base aggregate and landscape rock in Fredonia and Kaibab, AZ to clients throughout the Southwest, including Kanab, St. George, Hurricane and Cedar City, UT. Whether you’re paving a new driveway or renovating your complete commercial landscape, come to our long-run aggregate suppliers for the best aggregate in the region, provided to you at competitive pricing.

Sand and Gravel Fill

For bulk sand and gravel, look no further than our experienced team of long-run aggregate suppliers. We bring you various grades of both, carefully sifted and sorted to ensure proper consistency for whatever the final application is—whether you’re building a foundation atop it or using it for infill to promote drainage. Call to discuss bulk pricing on different grades and quantities.

Paver Base Aggregate

Every masonry or paving project begins with the right aggregate base mixture. We supply sand and gravel mixes for masonry base, to ensure whatever you build atop it will remain steady and sturdy throughout the years. As a leader among paving material suppliers, you can rest assured that our paver base aggregate is of the highest caliber, specifically designed to accommodate shifting earth without disturbing the masonry above it.

Landscape Aggregate

Looking for landscape rock suppliers in Fredonia, AZ who can supply you with both fill and decorative crushed stone to complete your landscape design? We offer a variety of crushed rock, gravel and other landscape aggregates suitable for everything from infill for beds to a drainage base for gardens.

Paving Material Suppliers

Superior Quality Aggregates

Crush It Company strive to provide you with the superior quality aggregate you need to tackle your next paving or landscape project in Northern Arizona or Southern Utah. From fine paver base to decorative crushed rock for landscapes, contact us today at 435-817-7239 to learn more about our selection and to get pricing on bulk aggregates supplies delivery, road grading, and more.